Month: November 2020

Amazing 2400-Year-Old Mask of Greek God Dionysus Found in Turkey

An almost intact terracotta mask depicting the Greek God of Wine ‘Dionysus’ was discovered on the Acropolis of the ancient city of Daskyleion in Western Turkey (Ancient Greek land) by a team led by Kaan of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University.  The mask probably dates to the end of the fourth century BC, when, following Alexander […]

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86 Year Old Greek Baker in Greece Goes Viral with Traditional Phyllo Making

Featured in a video by Business Insider, Hatziparaskos has gone viral in a video crafting some of Greece’s beloved handmade phyllo alongside his only employees — his wife Katerina and his son Paraskevas. The 86-year-old baker from Crete, Giorgos Hatziparaskos, is one of the last people in Greece who still makes the country’s famous multi-layered […]

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Animal Cruelty in Greece Now Punishable by Up to 10 Years in Prison

People who mistreat animals will have to pay “a fine ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 euros, according to the new provisions.” The minimum jail sentence for animal cruelty will be one year in Greece.  A new law in Greece has made extreme animal cruelty a felony and can lead to a maximum 10-year prison term. […]

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