Day: February 13, 2021

How Greek Mythology Influenced Valentine’s Day

Aphrodite and the Rose “When we think of roses, we think of love.” A popular phrase today and very true statement. As Valentine’s Day has grown to become a huge commercial celebration worldwide, so has the popularity of its most recognizable symbol, the rose. For us to understand the meaning of the rose, we need to […]

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10 Greek Superstitions People Still Believe

The Evil Eye “To Mati” The “Mati” (Evil Eye) is one of the most popular superstitions in Greece and worldwide among Greeks. The ‘evil eye’ is thought to be caused by compliments, adoration or envy in Greece and various other countries (Italy, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Turkey,) The consequences vary from headache, yawning, disease, misfortune, […]

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