Day: January 11, 2022

History News

Greece Hopes Marble Loan From Italy Will Get UK to Return Parthenon Sculptures

Italy has loaned Greece a 2500 year old marble foot of Goddess Artemis. Greece hopes the gesture of the foot loan, which is just the size of a shoebox, may help the British Museum finally realize that the Parthenon Marbles must be returned home to Greece. Greece hopes that the 2,500-year-old marble fragment, which arrived […]

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Greek Recipes

Greek Mati Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients * NOTE: 1 part is equal to 30ml * 1 -part blue curacao * 1 -part vodka * 4 -parts lemonade * ¾ cup of thickened cream * 2 tablespoons caster sugar * 1 blueberry (garnish) * Requirements * Cocktail shaker * Cocktail strainer * Ice cubes SHOP BEAUTIFUL MATI BRACELETS FROM GREECE! SHIPPING […]

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