Month: August 2022

Sexy Demi Moore on Vacation in Greece Again!

The sexy 59 year old mother of three Hollywood actress Demi Moore has returned to beautiful Greece for a summer holiday sailing the Aegean Sea on a yacht (August, 15, 2022).¬†Moore shared a photo on a yacht, posing in a hot pink bikini, with the caption “soaking up sun”. Paparazzi captured the star aboard the […]

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Irene Papas: The Greatest Greek Actress

One of the most well-known Greek actresses of all time is the legendary Irene Papas. Over the course of her fifty-year career, Papas has acted in some of the most prolific Greek and foreign films that were released in the second half of the 20th century. Papas’ personal life was the subject of rumours and […]

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Meet Madam Captain Marianthi Kasdagli of Greece

Meet the beautiful (31 year old) Madam Captain Marianthi Kalatzaki Kasdagli of Greece. Born and raised in Thessaloniki and one half from Chania in Crete, the Greek goddess of the sea Marianthi is among just 3% of female ship captains in the world! She was also on the Greek reality show ‘Survivor’! Education: Marianthi is […]

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