Greek Australian Man Buys 300 Lambs Every Year for Poor Families in Kalymnos for Easter

Greek Australian entrepreneur Giannis Halikos, has purchased 300 lambs for yet another year which will be donated to poor families across Kalymnos for Greek Orthodox Easter on Sunday, April 24. John does this for those in need every year and is a true embodiment of filotimo. Halikos sent many wishes and love from his hometown of […]

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8 Greek Easter Traditions That Everyone Loves

Greeks have a saying, “Den einai kathe mera Pascha!” Which translates to “Not everyday is Easter”. That’s because the BIGGEST holy-day for Greeks by far is Orthodox Easter or like we call it “Pascha”. Holy Week is like the Orthodox World Series for church loving Yiayiades and Greek moms and it is the most sacred […]

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