102 Year Old Greek-American Yiayia Survives COVID-19

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A true Greek Easter miracle took place in New York City recently, when a centenarian Greek-American ”yiayia” not only recovered from hip surgery but from COVID-19 as well!


Sophie Avouris, a 102-year-old resident of the Mary Manning Walsh nursing home in New York, went through hip surgery recently and was recovering from the procedure last month.


Unfortunately, it was at that time that she contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus, and her family thought that this could potentially be the last blow for their beloved yiayia.


Avouris had the first recorded case of the novel coronavirus in the facility, and she was treated in the COVID-19 facility of the care home she lives in.


Miraculously, last week, Avouris managed to recover from the virus and return to her normal room, even while the entire facility still remains in lockdown.


Her family, who managed to call her and exchange wishes for Orthodox Easter, are convinced that this was a true miracle ahead of the greatest feast of Orthodox Christianity.


Avouris was born in 1918 in a World-War-I hit Greece, the year when the Spanish flu pandemic also began sweeping across the globe.


She immigrated to the United States and managed to raise a large, happy Greek-American family during the early years of the twentieth century.


The Greek-American family of 102-year-old Sophie Avouris never thought she’d survive COVID-19 to celebrate another Greek Easter with them, but that’s exactly what happened.


“Happy Easter, Yiayia. We love you so much,” Elizabeth Hurley, the granddaughter of Sophie Avouris, said via FaceTime. “We can’t wait to celebrate with you in person.”


The extended family of Sophie Avouris can’t believe what a Greek Easter miracle this is for all of them.


She was recovering from hip surgery at Mary Manning Walsh nursing home when she contracted COVID-19 last month.


Avouris was the first known COVID case at this Archcare facility. Her family never thought she’d make it but last week she was able to move out of the COVID unit and while the facility is still on lockdown, she was able to receive phone calls from family.


“We were able to wave and say Happy Easter to her,” Effie Strouthides, her daughter, told PIX11 News. “We were really delighted by this.”

Avouris has been through so much in her 102 years.


One of six children born in Greece the same year that World War I ended and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic began, she eventually immigrated to the United States and raised her family in Jackson Heights and is now still so full of life.


“She just had such a great tenacity for life,” her granddaughter said.

Her family credits her Archcare doctors and the experimental drug hydroxychloroquine with saving her life.