Boiled Greek Coffee May Help You Live Longer…Drink Up!

Boiled Greek coffee is a staple in every Greek home. Let’s settle an argument that many have first. What came first the chicken or the egg? There are many Turks that claim it’s Turkish coffee, but it’s Greek as many parts of what we call Turkey today were Greek cities from Smirni to Zeugma and more! Even Dr. OZ who has Turkish roots did a TV special on “Greek coffee”!

Greek coffee is very healthy for you and tastes great! A groundbreaking new Ikaria study of Vascular Medicine suggests that boiled Greek coffee can increase your longevity and protect against heart disease. Dr. Oz aired a special about what makes Greek coffee more effective than American coffee and talked with Chris Kilham – Medicine Hunter about the medicinal benefits. Later in the special, with Greek coffee expert grandma, Nouly Lolis, Dr. Oz is shown how to boil the coffee. 

What makes Greek coffee superior is the brewing process, the concentration of antioxidants, and, most importantly, the richness of chlorogenic acids. 

For cardiovascular health, chlorogenic acids are helpful, reducing the risk of diabetes, weight management and reducing the risk of cancers.The name comes from the Greek χλωρός (light green) and -γένος (a suffix meaning “giving rise to”), because of the green color produced when chlorogenic acids are oxidized.

Greek coffee surprisingly contains a little less caffeine than regular coffee and less is consumed per cup. So, drink up!

By Staff Writer: Bill Seris