Yes. The Greeks Invented Pizza Too, Not the Italians!

When one thinks of pizza they usually think of Italy. Most assume the infamous pizza was invented by the Italians. However, about 2700 years ago, the Greeks invented a flat bread called ‘Plankuntos’.

In Ancient Greece, the Greeks invented the concept of consuming a flat piece of dough topped with herbs and cheese. Historical evidence shows us that Greeks ate a flat bread called ‘plakuntos’, which was covered with olive oil, onions, cheese, spices and garlic and then baked in a mud oven. Don’t believe us? Even the Food Network did a TV special on how the Greeks ate a flat bread called plakuntos.

See video from the Food Network:

Moreover, the Romans, who adapted many Greek customs and traditions, after placing the ingredients of their choice on top, naturally adopted the concept of baking the “plakuntos” in the oven. Whether a wooded or stone oven. The word “pizza” is believed to be a derivative of the Greek word “pita” meaning a flat bread. The pita we know today, that most eat with Gyros meat in it or a souvlaki in a pita.

Italian folklore claims that in Naples, pizza, as we know it today, originated as the food of the poor in a primitive form. Simply rice, water and a tiny bit of tomato paste were the original ingredients on top.

Naturally, seeing as pizza is iconic for the country, Italians had to try to identify the exact birthdate of this excellent comfort carb food. 

However, Italian historians remember that flat breads with a selection of toppings were sold by street vendors and consumed by the poor workers.

Pizza is one of the most loved and most popular foods in the world today, but in Italy, American-style pizza is seen as a commercialized unauthentic version. Pepporoni is NEVER on a pizza in Italy and not on all menus other than the tourist spots.

Greece, on the other hand, has wholeheartedly welcomed the American style pizza. American-style pizza has become a favourite meal for many in a country where pizza had its ancient Greek, modest beginnings.

Many Greeks eat spanakopita, tiropita, penerli and other small pies rather than ordering a slice of pizza. Greeks do order pizza delivery to their homes but rarely are seen eating pizza in public. A Greek will be seen with a spinach pie or cheese pie more often.