The Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World is on Symi Island in Greece

The #1 most beautiful restaurant in the world is in Greece on the beautiful Greek island of Symi, according to travel website TheTravel.com
“The best restaurants in the world have nice views, but these places offer so much more,” says the magazine in its tribute to the most beautiful restaurants, citing “travellers from all over the world.” 


#9. Korel Restaurant (Bali, Indonesia)
#8. The Grand Getaway (Malaysia)
#7.  Mandhoo Spa Restaurant, (Maldives)
#6. Shamsha (Valencia, Spain)
#5. Craft English Garden (UK)
#4. The Grotto (Thailand)
#3. Eden (Banf, Alberta, Canada)
#2. Grotto Tavern (Malta)
#1. The Secret Garden (Symi Island, Greece)


Leading the Top 10 List of the world’s most beautiful restaurants is “The Secret Garden” on the Greek island of Symi, which according to the publication, offers authentic Greek food to travellers as well as an atmosphere of calm.

TheTravel.com website wrote:

“Symi’s Secret Garden offers authentic Greek food to travelers, as well as a calm vibe. Diners will be surrounded by lush plants that hug the walls of this cozy restaurant. Travelers who follow the humble sign from Alithini Street will be rewarded with a beautifully decorated dining area and reasonably priced, authentic fare. Former patrons rave about The Secret Garden for its fabulous food, live music, and customer service!”

The Secret Garden restaurant is located on Alithini Street/Pedi Road Chorio. Symi, sometimes known as Syme or Simi, is a Greek island and municipality. It is mountainous island and is comprised of the harbour town of Symi and the upper town of Ano Symi, as well as a number of minor towns, beaches, and historical and mythological sites. The Rhodes regional unit includes Symi. 

The shipbuilding and sponge industries used to be the mainstays of Symi’s economy. During that time, the population peaked at 22,500 people. Symi’s major industry is now tourism, and the town’s permanent population has dropped to 2,500 people, with a higher population during the summer. 

The island is famous for their shrimps. The miniature savoury shrimps are referred to as “Symi’s shrimps,” the shrimp are pan-fried and eaten whole (with the shell).

Symi is part of the Dodecanese island group, around 41 kilometres (25 miles) north-northwest of Rhodes (and 425 kilometres (264 miles) from Piraeus, Athens’ harbour), and has a rugged landscape of 58.1 square kilometres (22.4 square miles). The Datça and Bozburun peninsulas of Turkey’s Mula Province are its closest land neighbours. Small valleys dot the interior, and the shoreline fluctuates between rugged cliffs and beaches, as well as lonely coves.

Symi is said to be the birthplace of the Charites and to have gotten its name from the nymph Syme (the island was previously known as Aigli and Metapontis), however, Pliny the Elder and some later writers claimed that the name came from scimmia “monkey.” The island is referenced in Homer’s Iliad as the estate of King Nireus, who fought for the Greeks in the Trojan War and was described as the most gorgeous man in the Achaean forces after Achilles. According to Thucydides, there was a Battle of Syme near the island during the Peloponnesian War in January 411 BC, in which an undefined number of Spartan ships destroyed a squadron of Athenian ships.

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