12 Things That Happen at a Greek Wedding

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1) Everyone is invited! Tons of 1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins and people you don’t even know. 

2.) Family and friends escort the bride out of the house with live Greek music.

3.) Non Greeks are always amused by the stefana.

4.) The Greek Orthodox priest always slips in some humour to the ceremony.

5.) The bride lists all the names of her single friends on the bottom of her shoe.

6.) The groom is shaved by the koubaro (best man)

7.) Greeks throw rice on the bride and groom symbolizing fertility.

8.) There is always at least one guest that will break plates.

9.) If you’re not married, you will be interrogated by your Yiayia, aunts and uncles.

10.) Single girls place the koufeta (sugar covered almonds) under their pillow for luck in finding a husband.

11.) Greek mothers scout for eligible men for their daughters.

12.) It ain’t over until the groom rips a Zeibekiko while everyone watches.