Dr. Afksendiyos Kalangos Has Saved the Lives of 15,000 Children for Free

Dr. Afksendiyos Kalangos has had a variety of names in the Greek media. He’s been referred to as “the doctor of the poor,” “a saint without a halo,” “the Greek heart surgeon who rescues children,” “the guardian angel,” and “the doctor with golden hands.”

He is the Greek heart surgeon who operated on 15,000 children for free. In 1993, Dr. Kalangos started working as a cardiovascular surgeon at the Geneva Medical School Hospital in Switzerland. The philanthropist doctor launched the “Coeurs Pour Tous” (Hearts for All) foundation in 1998, and the “Kalangos Institution” in 2002, both of which he chairs.

Dr. Kalangos has travelled all over the world with his medical team in the last ten years, executing his “art of saving the lives of children,” as a Greek journalist called it. He and his elite team have been to 25 countries and performed free heart surgery on over 15,000 children.

His name is synonymous with saving the lives of people with heart disease n Greece, Lebanon, Georgia, Serbia, Cyprus, India, Morocco, and Algeria. In addition, Kalangos has saved lives in Mauritius, Mozambique, Eritrea, Madagascar, Venezuela, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Rwanda, and other countries.