106 Year Old Yiayia Prays for the Whole World Every Morning

Meet Yiayia Anthi. At 106 years old, she prays for the whole world every morning in front of her window, looking at the sky and the mountain in front of her in Arta, Greece.

Anthi Oikonomidi Katsouli was born in 1915 in the village of Katarraktis, Arta. She was a farmer and a mother of 3 children. She never left her village and for years, every morning, she stands in front of the window and prays for the whole world. Her grandson, Dimitris Katsoulis, reported to ant1.com:

“My grandmother Anthi is a spiritual beacon for me. Every morning she prays for the whole world, for her family, her grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She also loves Cyprus very much. What moves me the most is the strength she has at the age of 106 to continue to do this effortlessly, but with great devotion and joy! She has experienced God himself in her heart…It shows me that the flame of the soul cannot be extinguished by the vanity of this world. It shows me that everything is possible when there is love and devotion! And as she says: ‘My child, you should prefer a mediocre life, without arrogance, love a lot and be respectful’ This is our Anthoula, my grandmother, the grandmother of us all.”

Her grandson, Dimitris Katsoulis, is a talented and famous violinist in Greece. Dimitri has performed alongside many famous musicians and has appeared on various Greek TV musical programs throughout Greece. His Yiayia Anthi has become a viral hit and has been written up about on Ant1.com and various other Greek media outlets. Na ta hiliasis Yiayia! May Yiayia live to 1000! 

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