Cancel Culture Removes Ancient Greek Literature of Homer in US School

We are living in a world of cancel culture and censorship craziness. It seems like nothing is immune these days from the non-stop censorship of Tweets to “fact checked” Facebook posts to the studies of Homer’s epic literature which date back to Ancient Greece. A recent movement is trying to ban classics like Homer’s Odyssey claiming that his views may be sexist and might offend certain people.

A high school in Massachusetts has banned ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer. One high school teacher wrote on her social media that she was “very proud that The Odyssey was removed from the curriculum this year”.

The Wall Street Journal published a story titled ‘Even Homer Gets Mobbed’, the article states that a movement has begun to remove classic Ancient Greek works of literature from classrooms across the US mainly because those classics like Homer’s Odyssey were written in the past when offensive attitudes were common throughout the old world.

A sustained effort is under way to deny children access to amazing literature by purging and propagandizing against classic texts. This includes anything from Homer to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Dr. Seuss. This is truly a Greek tragedy for America. This anti-intellectual movement of canceling the classics is gaining popularity among educators and the mainstream publishing industry.

Erasing the history of great Greek literature only limits the ability of our children to become literate in America.

This cancel culture movement of removing literature to not offend a few is causing more harm to the education of children. This obsession of not offending certain people and cancelling important key literature must STOP. We are living in a very ultra sensitive and ultra politically correct world that is damaging the future of academics and learning for our future generations.