Chef Ramsay Filming in Crete: Which Greek Dish Did He Fall in Love With?

There were luxury boats, including a catamaran, drones, underwater cameras, vans, an electric vehicle, a film crew of 45 people, very strict measures against Covid and even confidentiality agreements, including a production by the famous British Chef Gordon Ramsay. According to reports, Chef Ramsay visited many places and was very impressed with Gramvousa and Balos in Crete.

According to Zarpa News, the filming lasted nearly 8 hours and took place in the stunning Balos Beach lagoon with turquoise waters and in the Gramvousa shipwreck.

In reality, there were underwater shots of the famous chef catching some of the delicacies that he later cooked on Balls Beach like fresh Lobster and Octopus. 

Members of the production team were required to maintain strict secrecy and signed the confidentiality contracts, ensuring that the photographs and details about the dishes selected by the celebrity chef remain secret until the related shows have aired.

Despite the long hours of filming, Gordon Ramsay took a stroll in Chania’s old port on Tuesday night. He fell in love with a very traditional Greek dish. Kokkora with Hilopites. Rooster with handmade pasta. 

As Ramsay revealed to his friends from Chania, which he happily took photos with, he plans to return to Chania soon for a vacation this time.

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