Greece As Always Entered The Beijing Winter Olympic Games First

The opening ceremony of the (controversial and boycotted by many diplomats) Beijing Winter Olympic Games began on Friday in the Chinese capital, as Greece entered the stadium first. As always!

Maria Danou, who will compete in cross-country skiing, and Ioannis Antoniou, who will compete in slalom, were the two athletes who carried the Greek national flag during the opening ceremony. Greece, as most know, is where the Ancient Olympic Games were born in 776 BC and where the Modern Olympics were resurrected in 1896. Greek athletes traditionally always lead the ‘Parade of Athletes’ march.

The athletes entered Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium through a stunning entry that represents the “Gate of China” and “Window of China,” according to the press release. Both look to be made of ice thanks to special effects, with themes inspired by traditional gates and windows from across the country. The official Opening Ceremony explanatory notes, “The ‘Gate of China’ symbolizes China opening its doors to welcome the world to the Olympic Winter Games.” 

The Winter Olympic Games in China have been very controversial and subject to diplomatic boycotts due to human rights violations, the CCP, the Uyghur Genocide, the Wuhan lab leak of the Coronavirus, and much more.

Greece was the birthplace of the Olympics in 776 BC, hosted the inaugural modern Olympics in 1896, and only hosted the Olympics once again in Athens 2004. We have published a viral article on how Greece could host the summer Olympic Games permanently in Greece! See our viral story ‘Give Greece Back Her Olympics For Good’

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