Greece Bans Halal and Kosher Slaughter as Inhumane

Greece has banned kosher and halal slaughter. The country’s top administrative court, the Hellenic Council of State, announced the ban deeming them “inhumane”. Kosher and halal preparations of animals are central to Jewish and Muslim religious practices.

Both of these slaughter rituals require animals to be killed without the use of anesthesia. The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation asked the court to revoke an exemption in a rule that allowed religious slaughtering without anaesthesia.

The courts found that the religious preparation of animal products did not outweigh the suffering of those animals welfare, and that the exemption was a breach of the law’s provision that animals be slaughtered under anaesthetic. The court has delegated regulation of the relationship between animal rights and religious freedom to the government, and they will oversee the country’s slaughterhouse practices.

Several Jewish people have spoken out against the court’s decision, calling it a violation of their religious freedom. “Jewish freedom of religion is under direct attack across Europe from the very institutions that have sworn to protect our communities,” said Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Chairman of the European Jewish Association.

4 thoughts on “Greece Bans Halal and Kosher Slaughter as Inhumane

  1. God created this universe and created everything in it wisely, in a balanced manner and with a measure, but the people of materialistic thought stop at the matter and the form of life only, and they are heedless of the faith thought and the source of the faith thought and He is the Creator, and the wisdom of the Creator, the Wise Creator in slaughter is clarified by modern science, and it is better than the methods used by the West, and this appears in the following:

    The method of slaughter in Islam is characterized by attracting all the blood of the carcass from the tissues and veins of the animal, and scientific research has proven that the number of bacteria in processed meat whose animals were slaughtered in the Islamic way without anesthesia or electric shock reaches seven thousand per gram, while the number of bacteria in the meat taken of shocked animals of up to twenty million per gram; This is because shock leads to the death of a high percentage of animals before slaughtering, in addition to the fact that stunning or using a gun, which are new methods to be an alternative to slaughter, result in the congestion of a large part of the blood in the carcass, and this is harmful to human health.

    The Islamic method of slaughter by cutting the neck of an animal with a sharp knife is more merciful than stunning or killing operations. This is because once the blood flow to the brain is cut off; The animal does not feel any pain at all; The animal loses consciousness in a fraction of a second and its blood is purified in about two minutes, while the other methods of torturing the animal are what cannot be described in words. Hence, we did not find legislation that was more gentle and merciful to animals than the legislation of Islam. Whether in the life of the animal or when slaughtered.

    And if the question posed, my dear… regarding the killing of animals in general with different ways of killing it, then we must know that the wise Creator created life and gave it an order in death and life, and the Noble Qur’an informed that these creatures are nations like us, each with its own system, and death is an end to every living thing. The meaning of death is the removal of the soul from the body, and it does not matter here how it was removed. After the soul is removed from the body, it is the mind to benefit from this.

  2. What absolute nonsense. We live in the 21st century, NOT the 7th – you’re just trying to justify your barbaric, outdated practices by claiming that your god endorses them.

  3. good for Greece , keep it up, and stop all this bullshit in the name of religious freedom……………cruelty has no place in any religion

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