Greek Nurses Volunteer to Travel from Crete to Thessaloniki to Battle Coronavirus

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Bound by duty and philotimo, ten nurses volunteered to travel from Crete to Thessaloniki to help hospitals struggling with Covid cases. More health workers – from areas that are not largely affected – want to go to Thessaloniki to help, the health minister announced.

Ten nurses are travelling from Crete to Thessaloniki on Wednesday, in order to voluntarily assist their medical colleagues in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Greek Minister of Health, Vasilis Kikilias, announced that nurses named Vasiliki, Olympia, Evangelia, Artemis, Katerina, Malamati, Efrosini, Anthi, Chrysoula and Penelope, will offer their services at the “Ippokratio” hospital which is overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases.

Kikilias said the ten nurses, from several different hospitals on Crete, have specialization in working in Intensive Care Units and will arrive in Thessaloniki on Wednesday evening.

“All of Greece is now one health region and each health region will support the other,” the Minister said, adding that others from areas that are not widely affected at the present time  would like to go to Thessaloniki to help.

“I am indebted to them, but also to all the people of the national health service, who are fighting heroically in this unprecedented pandemic.

“We will stand by them and support them in practice, as they have stood and supported us day and night for months now,” Kikilias said.