Greek Warrior Helmet from 7th Century BC Found in Croatia

An incredible discovery that has arrived in 2020, and finally something perfect! A Hellenic warrior’s helmet from the 7th century BC was discovered in a stone tomb in Croatia. 

More than 2,500 years ago, the helmet was laid in the soldier’s tomb, featuring the immediately recognisable open faced style. 

Given that it has been inside the warrior’s tomb for many years, the Illyrian helmet is in exceptional condition.

It was built during the 8th and 7th centuries BC by the Peloponnese, and since then it has lain in this rock-cut resting place in the southern Dalmatia region of Croatia. 

Ancient arms and other treasures of the past, as well as the skeleton of a woman wearing a bronze bracelet around her wrist, have also been found by the archaeologists who made this amazing discovery. 

The experts on the scene came from the University of Zagreb and the Museums of Dubrovnik, and they assume the grave is a high-ranking one.

The Greek Etruscans and Scythians first wore this particular type of helmet before being adopted at a later stage by the Illyrians, who gave it the name it carries to this day. 

The style was also common in Italy among soldiers who made it out of ivory.