Day: November 2, 2021

Greece Wins 4 of 10 Awards at the World Robot Olympiad 2021

Bravo to our young and bright minds of Greece! Bravo to all! This year’s final of the World Robot Olympiad WROTM 2021 was filled with blue and white as four teams from Greece managed to stand out in one of the most important institutions for educational robotics in the world. In the Powerbots, the future […]

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Greece Bans Halal and Kosher Slaughter as Inhumane

Greece has banned kosher and halal slaughter. The country’s top administrative court, the Hellenic Council of State, announced the ban deeming them “inhumane”. Kosher and halal preparations of animals are central to Jewish and Muslim religious practices. Both of these slaughter rituals require animals to be killed without the use of anesthesia. The Panhellenic Animal […]

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First Made in Greece 3000 Horsepower “Chaos” Ultra Car

Meet the world’s first ‘Ultra Car’, called “Chaos”. The car has up to (never seen before) 3000 horsepower, and its entirely Made in Greece! The ultra car was launched by Designer and Automotive Engineer Spyros Panopoulos. This is not just the first 100% Greek made supercar, this introduces the world to a whole new category […]

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