First Greek Car Entirely Manufactured in Greece Unveiled by Female Entrepreneur

At a unique event on Wednesday, the first totally handcrafted passenger car produced in Greece was unveiled to the public after receiving its license plates.

The car is produced by Keraboss Cars Manufacturing, which is led by Managing Director Stella Kerabos, and are the result of work that began in 2014 with the publication of the regulatory framework for approving the registration of what are known as Individual Vehicles of Special Construction in the Government Gazette (MOIK).

According to the company’s website, the Keraboss “SUPER K” is a brand-new automobile idea, not merely another vehicle. “When you purchase our car, you embark on a whole new and thrilling lifestyle, one that is characterised by freedom, youth, and driving pleasure. Every buyer’s profile is met, and it provides more avenues for fulfilment,” it continues.

In 2016, Keraboss submitted the initial application for their production, requesting permission of a passenger car under the M1 classification. The Customs Administration of the Finance Ministry imposed the relevant charges and fees in 2021, and the initial marketing permits were granted in 2022.

Attica Regional Governor Giorgos Patoulis and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure & Transport Michalis Papadopoulos also attended the special event.

The MOIK legislation was established in 2014 to assist Greek automakers in following their innovative ideas and overcoming the challenge of obtaining funding for mass production, as stated by the minister.

“Today we are happy to present the first officially recognized and certified Greek car, the construction of which moreover involves an acclaimed representative of female entrepreneurship. Greece has the human resources and know-how to retain valuable mechanics and business owners in Greece, but to also attract young people from abroad, upgrading the institutional framework and quality of our services.” 

Patoulis stated the approval of license plates for the cars was “a result of a longtime process combining innovation, cyclical economy, and female entrepreneurship.”

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