Greeks Rank #1 in Having the Most Sex According to Durex Study

Greeks had sex the most frequently, with 89% of adults reporting having sex at least once a week, according to a survey of 30,000 people from 26 different nations. Respondents were asked about their sexual health, how frequently they had sex, and how satisfied they were with their sex life in a study conducted by condom manufacturer Durex. Brazilians came in second behind the Greeks, with 85% of people reporting weekly sexual activity, followed by Russians at 80%.


90% of Brazilians and 86% of Greeks “strongly agreed” that sex was a necessary component of their health and well-being, indicating a “sex positive” mentality. At 21 minutes, Greeks and Nigerians shared the distinction of having the longest per sex session. Nigerians came out on top as the country with the most happiest sex life. With 67 percent of respondents stating they were “very/extremely satisfied,” Mexico, India, and Poland came next, with Greece coming in fifth with 54% of respondents reporting to have had high levels of sexual satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief about the French, Italians and South Americans, Greeks (living in Greece) dominate the bedroom when it comes to sex. Greece ranked number #1 in the top 10 countries with the most sex, according to a Durex study. Some 89% Greeks surveyed admitted to having sex once a week, following by 82% Brazilians and in third place Russians at 80%. Greeks 

The Top 10 countries for having sex at least once a week:

Greece: 89%
Brazil: 85%
Russia: 80%
China: 78%
Italy: 76%
Poland: 76%
Malaysia: 74%
Switzerland: 72%
Spain: 72%
Mexico: 71%

Countries ranked by earliest age they had sex:

Iceland: 15.6
Denmark: 16.1
Sweden: 16.2
Finland: 16.5
Norway: 16.5
Israel: 16.7
Portugal: 16.9
Bulgaria: 16.9
Chile: 17.2
Belgium: 17.2

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