Meet Madam Captain Marianthi Kasdagli of Greece

Meet the beautiful (31 year old) Madam Captain Marianthi Kalatzaki Kasdagli of Greece. Born and raised in Thessaloniki and one half from Chania in Crete, the Greek goddess of the sea Marianthi is among just 3% of female ship captains in the world! She was also on the Greek reality show ‘Survivor’!


Marianthi is a Graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy (MA) in the Masters. Holding the Certificate of Master Mariner Class B of the Class (Captain General) and having worked as Master Mariner Class C in bulk carriers, cargo vessels, conducted transatlantic travel and as a Master Mariner Class B in coastal shipping with organizational and communication skills. Marianthi speaks 3 languages: Greek, English, and German. She has licenses to operate: cars, motorcycles, and speed boats. Moreover, she has a lifeguard certificate, and a certificate in scuba diving.

Marianthi is the oldest child of four siblings. She was born in 1991 and grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her other half origin is from Chania, Crete. 

“I was a professional swimmer and also worked as a swimming coach. However, growing up due to the economicl crisis, I had to choose a job to support my family. I chose to go to the Merchant Marine Academy, during my studies I used to work and train in the afternoon. I finished the academy and sea service as a deck cadet in big cape-sized cargo vessels. I continued as an apprentice, Junior and 2nd Officer in cargo vessels travelling all around the world. My last voyage as a 2nd Officer was 9 and a half months long. After receiving my certificate of Chief Officer, I worked in passenger-tourist vessels travelling all around the world. My voyages include the Red Sea (Jordan, Egypt, and Israel), Iceland, and the North Atlantic Circle. We left from Piraeus and did a 16 day voyage, we crossed the North Atlantic Ocean. 

“I always encourage people to believe in themselves, they don’t even know how much power they have, until believing in yourself is the only thing you have in order to continue. Never listen to nobody, do what you think is right. In the vessel they have told me not to continue this job, but I never listen to anyone.”

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