Mykonos Bar Taken to Court for Charging Americans €600 for 2 Drinks and 2 Crab Legs

UPDATED July 26, 2022- DK Oyster Bar has been fined €31,000 for a total of 8 violations. Two American tourists (mother and daughter) are suing DK Oyster Bar, a Mykonos beach bar, for charging them €600 ($640 USD) for 2 drinks and 2 crab legs. Brenda Moulton and her 19-year-old daughter Kaylea were enjoying the beach at Platis Gialos when they claim the DK Oyster Bar enticed them inside and really overcharged them.

DK OYSTER, Platys Gialos – “An employee from one of Platis Gialos’ restaurants stepped in front of us and insisted on shouting, ‘Sit here!’ ‘Take a seat!’ Proto Thema was told by Moulton. Before being handed with a bill for €520.80 – with a “required” €80 tip added on, the two say they drank a mojito each and one plate of 2 crab legs between them.

“Two mojitos and two crab legs can’t make €600,” Moulton said she told staff when she refused to pay the bill. She alleges a restaurant employee then threatened her, telling her she wouldn’t be able to fly back to the United States if she didn’t pay.

“He then said, ‘I’m going to call the cops.'” They’ll hold you here, and you won’t be able to return home. “We can easily locate your residence,” she stated.

The tourists paid the money and left the restaurant under pressure, but they say they waited outside for a long time, informing other beachgoers about the “scam” they had witnessed.

“The store’s ‘boss’ came out enraged and approached us in a threatening tone,” Moulton adds. The couple is now pursuing legal action against DK Oyster Bar. Brenda Moulton’s lawyer, Marizanna Kikiri, claims that the restaurant threatened her clients and treated them unfairly.

Platis Gialos is known for its high-end hotels and restaurants — chef Nusret “Salt Bae” Gökçe owns a restaurant there – and there are several consumer complaints about rip-offs in the neighbourhood. “Pushy waitstaff will deceive you into a bigger bill…and scare you into paying it,” one recent review of the DK Oyster Bar reads, while another writes, “The bill was over €400 for a couple of badly made drinks.”

Another American traveller was shocked in 2019 when he was given a €836 bill for calamari and beers at the same eatery. His photo went viral all over social media.

Cheryl Lamphere, a US tourist, told the Daily Mail in May that she and her friends were charged $1,640 for two main courses, a salad, and some bread – with restaurant personnel tripling the portion proportions and claiming that the advertised ‘dish’ costs were per kg.

She claims that the group was separated from other diners and pressured into paying the bill using a credit card.

“Every male in the restaurant jumped up and encircled us, at least five of them, blocking our way in.” Because we were six women surrounded by five men, it was a terrifying situation…I must add, they were all wearing black, it was sort of gangsterish.”

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  1. Dont mess around with the tourists… you are giving Greece a bad reputation, when it is a fantastic country and their people their best resource!

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