The Greek Behind the Motor of Tesla

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Meet Konstantinos Laskaris, the Principal Motor Engineer behind Tesla’s electric luxury cars. 

“As Tesla’s Principal Motor Designer, Konstantinos Laskaris is responsible for the electromechanical design and optimization of the company’s existing and future traction motors,” wrote Charged EVs, a magazine specializing in electric vehicles, referring to Konstantinos Laskaris as “Tesla’s motor guru.” 

Laskaris has been working for Tesla Motors since 2012. This bright Hellene of Silicon Valley has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, and a diploma from the Imperial College in London. 

“When you simply compare any other high-end conventional car to a Tesla, you see a tremendous difference. This is because of the technology” – Konstantinos Laskaris, Tesla Principal Motor Engineer

The future is bright for Konstantinos Laskaris. We wish him all the best. He makes all Greeks worldwide truly proud.