Greece Passes Climate Law Banning Fossil Fuel Cars From 2030

Greece earlier this week made headlines as they banned Halal and Kosher slaughter of animals and deemed it as inhumane for not using anaesthesia on the animals. Now Greece is tackling the global environmental crisis by passing a Climate law. As Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis ramps up efforts to combat the effects of the global environmental crisis, Greece passed its first climate law, focusing on low-carbon energy.

From 2030, new combustion-engine cars will be prohibited from being sold. While the bill has been in the works for some time, extreme weather events this year have brought Greece’s vulnerability to light.

From 2025, all new taxis and a third of all rental cars in Greece’s two largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, must be hybrids or electric vehicles, according to Greek law. In the housing sector, the legislation prohibits the use of oil burners in all new construction beginning in 2023 in regions where natural gas infrastructure is adequate.

In Greece last summer, record-high temperatures mixed with strong winds sparked a series of wildfires that raged for more than two weeks, razing a big portion of northern Evia, a small island near Athens. Evia was also severely impacted by the country’s catastrophic floods in October. 

Greece has always led the world with democracy, medicine, philosophy, art, law, and now climate? What are your thoughts? Will Greece be able to implement these climate laws in 2025 and by 2030? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

One thought on “Greece Passes Climate Law Banning Fossil Fuel Cars From 2030”

  1. Bravo to Greece for making a stand, reality has woken then up, hopefully the rest of the world will follow. If we don’t make changes now the next 20 years will be very interesting with our climate and our future generations

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