Greek Series ‘Maestro in Blue’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix

The creator of the acclaimed Greek series ‘Maestro in Blue’, Christoforos Papakaliatis, has announced that season 2 will be available on Netflix, giving eager fans that want more lots to look forward to. 

‘Maestro in Blue’ became the first ever Greek television series to receive an exclusive international distribution contract on the streaming service. The series is in the Top 10 in 31 countries and was picked up by Netflix in March. With beautiful scenery shot on the picture perfect Paxos island, the strong storyline and performances in the series have enchanted millions of viewers globally.

‘Maestro in Blue’ was first produced by Papakaliatis, for Mega TV. “Getting ready!!! Production meeting for Maestro in Blue season 2,” the creator and star posted on his Instagram. The post was accompanied by a video that showed the production team at work in the studio, as well as various shots of the season 2 script.

Netflix has not yet officially confirmed that it will be renewing “Maestro in Blue” for season 2, however, Papakaliatis’ social media post is sending a very strong signal to fans that they can indeed look forward to a 2nd season of the popular show.

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