Greek Ultra Swimmer Sets Guinness World Record With Amazing 358 km 7 Day Swim

Greek ultra swimmer, Spiros Chrysikopoulos, broke a previous 250 km record in 5 days with an amazing 358 km continuous swim over a 1 week period in a 50m pool at the Olympic Stadium Pool of Spyros Louis in Athens, Greece.

The Olympic Stadium of Athens “Spyros Louis” is a part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex and is named after the 1st Modern Olympics Marathon Gold Medalist in 1896, Spyros Louis.

Spiros Chrysikopoulos made history with his continuous 358 km swim of 7 days straight from May 9 at 12:00pm to May 16 at 12:00. Ηe amazingly achieved over 300 km in 6 days and continued on. Spiro would only get out of the pool for a while to eat and rest. Super Spiro has made every Greek worldwide extremely proud at a time when we all need some positive, feel good, amazing news of Greek achievement!

“Our limits are far beyond what we believe. I’m not a superathlete, I just think that with the mind everything happens.”

See video below as Spiros Chrysikopoulos is awarded the Guinness World Record for his 358 km!

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