Greek War of Independence Movie ‘Cliffs of Freedom’ Available to Stream

The National Hellenic Society (NHS) has announced that Cliffs of Freedom, a historical drama film set during Greece’s War of Independence, will be available to stream on major platforms starting September 13, 2021. The late legendary actor Christopher Plummer plays Thanasi and gives an outstanding performance. The film also features many prominent Greek actors, including: Costas Mandylor, Billy Zane, and Simon Kassianides. Plummer has played a Greek in other movies like Oedipus the King, which was filmed in Greece, and Aristotle in the Oliver Stone directed Alexander.

Cliffs of Freedom is situated in Valtetsi, a small town in Arcadia in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It is based on and inspired by Marianne Metropoulos’ novel Daughter of Destiny. Marianne and Dean Metropoulos produced the film, with Marianne serving as co-writer of the screenplay. NHS members Marianne and Dean Metropoulos, and NHS Board Chairman Drake Behrakis decided to buy the full rights because there are a lot of great cultural and historical aspects in the movie.

“Although we do not anticipate to profit from the film, we believe we can use it as an example to demonstrate the significance of the Greek War of Independence and to discuss many topics in the film that resonate with a 21st century audience,” Behrakis says.

The film is a compilation of stories, accounts, and events from Greece’s Revolutionary War. The lives, hardships, sacrifices, and saga of the Greeks are masterfully displayed, symbolic of the Greek people’s resiliency, resolve, and grit in their quest for freedom.

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