Vicky Safra: The Richest Greek Woman in the World Inherits 90B Empire

Meet the richest Greek woman in the world, Vicky Safra. The guarded Greek widow is inheriting a 90 billion dollar banking empire. This massive fortune was left to her by her late husband, Brazil’s richest man, financier Joseph Safra, who passed away in December of 2020. 

With banks on three continents and the Gherkin tower in London, Joseph Safra was Brazil’s richest man. He was a Sephardic Jew. Joseph and Vicky’s four adult children each got a percentage of Joseph’s inheritance, totalling $7.9 billion according to Forbes.

Vicky Safra, a Greek citizen, has lived in Brazil and Switzerland for many years.

Vicky and Joseph Safra have 4 children (and 14 grandchildren). Their oldest child, Jacob, 45, is in charge of international operations for the family business, while the youngest, David, 36, oversees the Brazilian firm. Their father, Joseph, had Parkinson’s disease and spent over a decade training them to take over the empire.



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