You Can Book an Uber Boat in Mykonos

“Uber Boat” will be an on-demand service supplied by a local licenced operator and accessible through the Uber app only in Mykonos for now. It will be available from late June through October. Users of the app will be able to quickly and reliably schedule speedboat trips to get about Mykonos.

But there are some restrictions. Customers who wish to go by boat must make a reservation at least 45 minutes in advance, and they can only be picked up or dropped off at 25 specific locations throughout the Greek island. You can book a Uber boat for a couple or a group of up to 10 people. The cost depends on the length and distance of the trip. Uber has also put its toes in the water in the past. The business experimented with “boat to work” in San Francisco ten years ago. Residents of and visitors to London can now order a boat at any time of the year as of 2020.

This new service is another step in the company’s strategy, which puts Greece at the centre of the European market and strengthens its support for Greek tourism, ensuring affordable and safe transportation options for both its residents and visitors of the islands,” the company said in an announcement.


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