Greece Women’s Water Polo Advance to Semi Final Tokyo Olympics Qualifier

Congratulations to the women’s water polo team! The talented Greek girls are headed for the semi final Olympics qualifier tomorrow in Trieste, Italy (January 23, 2021) after destroying Slovakia today 22-3 in the FINA Women’s Water Polo Olympic Games Qualification Tournament.

Women’s Water Polo finally returned just 6 months before the Tokyo Olympics. The FINA Women’s Water Polo Qualifiers in Italy are a sample of what the pandemic era  Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan will be like. The Olympics are slated for Jul 23 to Aug 11, 2021.

Christina Tsoukala of Greece had this to say to reporters after scoring 7 goals on the weak rivals of Kazakhstan: “It’s strange, not even being able to give a hand check (fist to fist) with rivals at the end of the match, not seeing anybody, but that’s how it is. It has become normal,”

Greece will most likely play Holland tomorrow in the Semi Final Olympics Qualifier. Holland plays the weak Kazakstan today and is heavily favoured to win. Tomorrow’s winner between Greece and Holland will get closer to heading for the Tokyo Olympics that are set to take place this summer July 2021.






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