Smyrna, My Beloved Greek Film Coming to Netflix

Following the huge success of the hit Greek series ‘Maestro in Blue’, Netflix is bringing another amazing historical Greek film to its platform! ‘Smyrna, My Beloved’ will be the first Greek historical drama film to be featured on the popular streaming platform with Greek American CEO, Ted Sarandos.

Netflix has been in contact for several months with Tanweer, the production company responsible for the Greek film ‘Smyrna, My Beloved’. The film stars Mimi Denisi and is directed by Grigoris Karantinakis. 

“Smyrna,” also known as “Smyrna, Agapimeni Mou,” honours the destruction of Smyrna on its 100th anniversary. The powerful drama about a Greek woman whose family journal describes the 1922 burning of the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna where Greeks, Armenians, Arabs, Jews, and Turks formerly coexisted peacefully returns to life a century after the catastrophe of Smyrna. The masterwork was conceived by the renowned actress Mimi Denissi. Her show, which performed in Athens for an incredible three seasons and attracted more than a million spectators, served as the inspiration for the movie. She co-wrote the movie’s script and plays the lead role.

According to Mikro Fwno, the contracts have already been signed with the Netflix streaming company, and the announcement of the start date of its projection is expected. Smyrna, My Beloved, would become the second only Greek film to be included in the streaming platform.

The series ‘Maestro in Blue’ by Christoforos Papakaliatis became the first hit Greek series to be included on the popular platform. A second season of Maestro in Blue is coming to Netflix see more here.

See the trailer to the historical drama Smyrna, My Beloved below:

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