The Top 20 Most Popular Greek Last Names

Most Greek last names are very unique, long and difficult for many other cultures to pronounce. The most common Greek last name of all…Papadopoulos! In Greece, the Papadopoulos last name is like “Smith”.


A research study was undertaken by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) to determine the most common Greek surnames. Listed below are the Top 20, with Papadopoulos, of course, in 1st place right at the top. Have a look and let us know if you have one of these last names in our comments!

# 1. PAPADOPOULOS (Son of the Priest)

# 2. PAPPAS (Priest)

(Black Giannis, “Kara” in Turkish means black)

# 4. VLAHOS (A person from the traditional Greek pastoralists ‘Vlachs’ )

# 5. IOANNIDIS (Son of Ioannis)

(Translated to Ikonomou or Economou, Housekeeper, Accountant, Steward)

# 7. PAPAGEORGIOU (Son of Father George)

# 8. ΜΑΚRIS (Meaning “long,” most likely describing a tall person)

# 9. KONSTANTINIDIS (Son of Konstantinos)

# 10. DIMOPOULOS (Son of Dimos)

# 11. GEORGIADIS (Son of George)

# 12. PAPADIMITRIOU (Of Father Dimitrios)

# 13. PAPADAKIS (Son of the Priest)

# 14. ΑΝΤOΝΙΟΥ (Of Antonios)

# 15. PAPANIKOLAOU (Of Father Nikolaos

# 16. PANAGIOTOPOULOS (Son of Panagiotis)

# 17. VASILIOU (Of Vassilis)

# 18. GIANNOPOULOS (Son of Giannis)

# 19. NIKOLAOU (Of Nikolaos)

# 20. VASILIADIS (Son of Vassilis)

Many Greek surnames are derived from the occupation of the name-bearer, just as they are in Anglo-Saxon titles. So one can see how important priesthood was in Greek history by looking at the top two most popular Greek names. 

Mylonas (miller), Raptis (tailor), Psomas (bread maker), Samaras (saddle maker), Tsopanidis (son of the shepherd), Kanatas (jug maker), and Sideras (ironsmith) are all names that clearly show how one’s great pappou made a living. Greek last names are sometimes derived from first names. 

This is why back in the day when we use to open phonebooks we would see so many Georgiadis, Konstantinidis, Georgiou, Nikolopoulos, Christopoulos, Giannakopoulos, Filippidis, and so on. Moreover, at times other Greek surnames will refer to a person’s birthplace or ancestors’ homeland.

Like Parios. The Greek famous singer’s last name Giannis Parios which is derived from the island of Paros. Many more names include: Agrafiotis, Samiotis, Hiotis, Kritikos, Maniatis definitely show the place of origin of the individual first bearing the name.

Greek last name suffixes typically show the region one’s ancestors lived in as well. For example, the suffix -akis in a surname shows they are from Crete. One of the most common last names in Crete is Papadakis, meaning “the son of a priest.”

In Greece, the suffix changes for females. If the last name is Papadopoulos, for a female, it becomes Papadopoulou. Moreover, if the family name is Konstantinidis, in Greece, the last name becomes Konstantinidi with no “s” at the end for females.

If Papadakis was from the Peloponnese region, he would then be called Papadopoulos. If he hailed from the Mani area, he would be a Papadakos, since the -akos suffix is usually from Messinia and Laconia.

In Northern Greece, and mostly in Macedonia, last names end with -idis or -adis, as they also do with Greeks of Pontian extraction. If someone is named Savvidis, Ioannidis, Georgiadis, Vasiliadis, Makridis, Lazaridis, Kazantzidis odds are his family is either Macedonian or Pontian.

Sometimes, Greek last names are even named after vegetables like Kolokithas (pumpkin), Kremidas (onion), Agourias (cucumber) See the Funniest Greek Last Names 

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Do you have one of the Top 20 last names? Let us know and what part of Greece you’re from in our comments.

18 thoughts on “The Top 20 Most Popular Greek Last Names

    1. Not at all,

      your family name simply means “Decendants of People from Mani”.
      Mani is a region in the southern of Greece.


      1. My grandfather name was: tourlakis michel , born in milos island .greece.

        He lived in France until the age of 96

      2. My family name is Chletsos who came from Lychna, Lemnos.
        What does Chletsos mean?

  1. Hi all, interesting article. Our surname is Cardovillis, although they changed the C from K. I believe there is no “C” in the Greek alphabet. Was told our name means Guard of the villa. Just wondering and curious

  2. Not at all,

    your family name simply means “Decendants of People from Mani”.
    Mani is a region in the southern of Greece.


    1. My grandfather was born in the Peloponnese, near Messinia in a village called Sidirokastron. His name was Kalogeropoulis.What is the meaning? It sounds like it isn’t the usual Messina suffix, though, but Peloponnese, correct?

  3. Aloha,
    My husband is from Kerykrya and our last name is Scordilis–but back home they spell it Skordilis. We’ve heard there may have been migration from Crete to Kerkyra–but no one has any specific information. You’re article made me interested to know more for our daughter, Aggeliki.
    Mindy 🙂

  4. My gandparents were from Melegala, Messinias and their names were Stravoula Pavalvisou and Costas (Gus) Constantopoulos. My wife and I were married in Athens and
    license needed to be interpreted into English, with a notice to ensure the English spelling was with a C and not a K. Yes, no C in Greek alphabet.

  5. My Grandfather (Pericles Louizes) came from Velventos & my Grandmother (Maria Papadopoulou) came from Akoumia.

  6. Karagorgous father and grandfather from Lamia Roumalli up in the mountains our great great uncle Athanasious Diakos from small village in the mountains near Lamia Mousavetes! My Father’s village is Kolokethya. They hide from the Turks up there. Kleftas.

  7. Does anybody here know the origin of Fronimos surname?
    Besides my brother Matthew.

    Also, on a side note. Why dont Greeks use Timothy and Matthew as a first name.
    I rarely, if ever, meet Greek with those names.

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